EliteClub™ OFFICE 3 in 1 Package

Ultimate Solution for brokerages of all sizes!

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Our Real Estate OFFICE Solution bypasses all office solutions and requires no in-house support.
The EliteClub™ OFFICE solution is a 3 in 1 package that includes a custom quality office website, an intranet with tools for all agents, and an effective recruiting system. This package includes all of the features of our popular EliteClub ™ Websites while adding sophisticated lead routing and reporting modules.

The package is priced to fit the budget of any Real Estate organization or any Real Estate team.

EliteClub™ OFFICE Website

Our single or multi-office websites with IDX/VOW-enabled solutions are the most modern, search engine friendly, and brand consistent solution on the market.These websites are equipped with proprietary lead capturing tools that generate leads and assign them to the right agents in your organization, so nothing falls through the cracks.
Plus, your full-featured OFFICE website will promote your agents while showcasing office listings.

EliteClub™ OFFICE Intranet

Each agent in your organization is set-up with an account to the company inclusive Intranet. Within the intranet your agents will have the tools to get the competitive advantage in their marketplace while promoting your office's brand. With their Intranet accounts your agents can create personal print brochures, run high impact marketing campaigns, print office forms, and much more. All forms and other Enterprise resources are available to all agents anytime from anywhere.
In addition, the "Announce" and "Shared Calendar" features will inform your agents about office meetings and events, so your agents are on the same page, every day. Plus, offices with EliteClub's™ Intranet can promote vendor relationships to their agents and increase revenue opportunities.

EliteClub™ RECRUITER Website

The war for talents is never-ending. The EliteClub™ RECRUITER Website is an additional website that is part of the EliteClub™ OFFICE package.
The Recruiting Website is designed to help your office express your company's philosophy, opportunities, events, and your commitment to supporting new recruits, so that you can actively recruit new agents. The Recruiting Website is also equipped with a specialized automated recruiting campaign system.